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Current Schedule:

Fall/Winter 2014-2015 schedule

Office Hours (Book birthdays, pay deposits, etc..)

Monday Noon till 4:00 pm
Tuesday Noon till 6:00pm
Wednesday Noon till 4:00pm
Thursday Noon till 6:00pm
Friday Noon till 9:00pm
Saturday Noon Till 9:00pm
Sunday Noon till 9:00pm


7:00-10:00pm: Pop, Rock & HipHop Skate & Dance.... $6.00 skates $2.00


1:00-6:30pm: Family Skate.... $6.00 skates $2.00
7:00-11:00pm: R&B/ Bounce Skate.... $10.00
Skates FREE


1:00-6:30pm:Family Skate....$6.00 Skates$2.00
7:00-10:00pm: All ages...................$6.00 skates FREE
Family Pizza Night..... $30.00 skates FREE
Pays for up to 4 people, includes admission and skates, 1 large Domino's pizza, and 1 pitcher of fountain drink.

*Schedule subject to change without notice- Tax included